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Make It Mobile specialise in creating unique and individual dog grooming vans to suit our customers requirements. We can source quality second-hand vans and convert them in to a ready-to-go mobile dog grooming business, or if you would prefer to source your own van, not a problem we can design this around the specification you require.

Here at Make It Mobile, we are experienced in setting up mobile dog grooming businesses and know how stressful it can be. We are here to help you in the process, whether it be grooming related or business related. We don't just provide the van, we also provide help and advice with everything business related as we have been there ourselves.

Our unique mobile dog grooming vans are designed to reflect a dog grooming salon, on-the-go! Using electric baths, water heaters and shower heads, Make it Mobile dog grooming vans require minimal setting up time, just simply plug your van in and you're ready to go.

Click here to read our FAQ to find out all you need to know about setting up your own mobile dog grooming business.

How to find us:

Unit 10, Sanderson Street

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South Yorkshire

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Phone or text us on: 07468 77 11 88

Do you want to become a mobile dog groomer? 

Make it Mobile covers all areas of starting your new mobile dog grooming career. We can help with Benefits of being a mobile dog groomer:

Being a mobile dog groomer, you are your own boss. You make your own decisions such as working hours, rate of pay, what areas you cover and what type of dogs you to. You can take a day off, finish early, start late and it doesn't affect the image of your business as you don't have to 'look closed.' 

 Working mobile instead of in a salon is much more appealing to customers, you're saving the customer four car journeys or four walks not having to travel to a salon. The dog doesn't have to wait in hot drying cabinets or get locked in cages, they're the only dog with you so they get exclusive one on one service. 

Being mobile also suits nervous dogs who are intimidated or violent towards other dogs or a busy and loud room. 

Because of this exclusive service you're offering, you will usually find mobile dog groomers charge £5 - £10 more per dog than their local salons. Some even charge for petrol if travelling further to your customer.  

Working in a salon or from an at home unit will be a lot slower start than mobile. Most mobile dog groomers wherever their area get fully booked very quickly where as salons or in home groomers can take two years to become fully booked. 

Meaning starting this new career is less risky when becoming mobile as you know that it's a very sought after service.

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